Premium Loan Process Outsourcing For Mortgage Brokers (Without The Premium Price Tag)

BrokerEngine Staffing provides mortgage brokers with full-time loan processing staff — backed by premium workflows, checklists and training — so you can write more business in less time, while delivering a consistent 5-Star Client Experience to clients.

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Are You Too Snowed Under With Compliance, Processing and Administration To Maximise Growth and Profit?

Too many mortgage brokers are snowed under with compliance, processing and administration tasks to focus on what really drives value: sales, strategy and service. And as a result:
  • Brokers feel burnt out, working long, gruelling hours, feeling constant stress, constantly slaving over a computer instead of writing their next deal…
  • Clients receive patchy service quality, because brokers are left juggling too many balls, and…
  • Leads and opportunities lie fallow because you’re bogged down with admin and “busy work”…
Each of these factors is robbing you of growth and profitability and ultimately leads to a lower quality of life. The solution is to hire the cost-effective assistance you need to get time-consuming administration off your plate and free you up to connect with more clients…

How BrokerEngine Staffing Frees Up Your Practice To GROW

BrokerEngine Staffing provides skilled loan processing staff based in Manila, Philippines, for around one third the cost of an onshore loan processor. Your dedicated team member(s) at BrokerEngine Staffing will take care of all your back-end support processes so you can focus on writing more business. We’ll handle all the details such as…
  • Collecting & validating supporting documents
  • Renaming & filing documents
  • Product selection pre-research
  • Completing lender servicing calculators
  • Matching declared living expenses to HEM
  • Ordering credit files
  • Ordering property reports
  • Lodging applications via ApplyOnline
  • Formatting sales support documents
  • Preparing Client Advice Documents
  • Bank followup and status reporting
  • Ordering property valuations
  • Ordering pricing with the lender
  • FHOG documentation
  • Discharge documentation
  • Maintenance requests
  • Construction progress payments
  • Proactive client reviews
  • Loan status tracking

Suitable For All Stages Of Practice Growth

If you’re a sole broker: a dedicated loan processor with BrokerEngine Staffing will free up approximately 10 hours per loan so you can focus on ramping up your monthly settlements…

If you already have in-house loan processor(s), an extra resource at BrokerEngine Staffing will add extra capacity and redundancy over holidays and sick leave…

And if you’re part of a larger firm: adding an offshore team with BrokerEngine Staffing is a proven way to add capacity and leverage your in-house team to perform higher-value work.

From the desk of Craig Vaughan, Founder of BrokerEngine

BrokerEngine Staffing Is The Loan Processing Solution I Wish Existed Years Ago…

Craig Vaughan, Principal of MAP Home Loans and Founder of BrokerEngine
10 years ago I was writing a respectable $20-$25 million per year, but I was also putting in far too many hours. My stress levels were constantly red-lining. I was always fearful that something had been missed on a deal, or that it would go south at the last moment.
I was trying to do it all myself.
I was spending just 20% of my time on HIGH VALUE TASKS such as sales, strategy and service… …And the remaining 80% of my time was being chewed up by admin tasks such as application processing, bank follow-ups and client updates. Obviously, I had to flip those ratios if I wanted my practice to grow. So, I looked at a number of different loan processing solutions, before discovering the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines.
At face value, the BPO value proposition sounded great: get a university-educated, fluent English-speaking professional to handle all the admin “grunt work” for a fraction of the Australian wage cost, so I could focus on writing more business!

Sounds GREAT in theory. But, the REALITY was very different when I tried working with an offshore team:

  • Staff weren’t as well-trained as I was led to believe. In fact, most simply had a basic degree, with zero mortgage industry experience.
  • They weren’t supported by the DETAILED processes and workflows required to lodge and track loans efficiently and avoid costly mistakes (so I had to spend months developing them myself).
  • They lacked skilled supervision from senior people to help them navigate the intricacies of mortgage broker software and processes.
  • There was no efficient delegation system that would allow me to get a deal off my desk and into the hands of my processing staff, quickly AND accurately.
  • There was limited visibility of loan statuses and key deadlines to give me the confidence and peace-of-mind to “let go” and stop micromanaging.
  • There were hardly any meaningful METRICS that I could use to gauge activity and productivity.
Although I believed in the offshore loan processing model and could see the benefits — ultimately, most of the work fell to ME, the mortgage broker, to make it all work. I thought about giving up a few times and going back to a smaller in-house team. But the more I stuck at it, and the more resources and tools I added, the more I could see the potential.
(Little known fact: many of the features in the BrokerEngine software such as Deal Workflows, Auto-prioritised Tasks and Dynamic Checklists were originally developed to address the problem of delegating to my offshore team…).
Finally, after much struggle and trial-and-error, I grew a loan processing team that solved the challenges I initially encountered. One that was Efficient, Accurate, Timely, Margin-Friendly and Scalable.
Now for the first time, we’re making this best-practice outsourcing solution available to fellow brokers.

Practically Eliminate The Painful Outsourcing Learning Curve

Unlike almost all other outsourcing solutions, BrokerEngine Staffing is a specialist Loan Processing BPO firm that has been incubated and stress-tested in a real mortgage broking practice. Our service has been designed to practically eliminate the typically painful outsourcing learning curve and provide value right out of the gates.

Some of the Unique Features and Benefits of BrokerEngine Staffing include:

FAST DELEGATION: Deals are delegated to team members via BrokerEngine Software, which has been designed to quickly get the deal out of your head and into the hands of your loan processor, without missing any details.
PRE-BUILT WORKFLOWS: You get a powerful workflow engine that can be customised for your business, quickly and easily. No need to spend hours and hours creating systems in-house.
DETAILED CHECKLISTS: Every deal is accompanied by a detailed, deal-specific checklist to drive accurate task completion (and occasionally pick up details you may have missed!).
SMART TASKS: Tasks are automatically prioritised and “batched” so your team member(s) can work efficiently and effectively.
REAL-TIME VISIBILITY: See at a glance where your deals are up to and easily “let go” of the need to micromanage.
SENIOR OVERSIGHT: Our in-house training team have 5+ years’ experience working with loan processing teams, ensuring your staff have the internal support they need.
LOAN MAINTENANCE: As your client base gets larger, the associated maintenance and renewal details can become a burden. We can handle that for you.
CLIENT REVIEWS: Your team member will proactively “mine” your back book for opportunities that turn into new revenue opportunities.
SALES SUPPORT: Including preparing specialised sales presentation documentation so you don’t have to.
TOP TIER STAFF: We target staff in the top 20% band of experience and performance, to help deliver higher levels of productivity, faster.
EXCELLENT ENGLISH: English is an official language of the Philippines and all staff have a high standard of both spoken and written English.
AUSTRALIAN HOURS: All our staff work Australian Business hours to enable the most efficient real-time collaboration.
DEEP EXPERIENCE: Our 5+ years’ experience running remote teams in Manila helps shorten your learning curve so you can see results quickly.

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Imagine This…

30 to 60 days from today, getting a deal off your desk could be as simple as completing our dynamic “Broker Wizard” form and letting your dedicated staff member do the rest… Checking the real-time status of every Deal could be as simple as glancing at your Deals Dashboard… And with 10+ hours per deal back in your hands, you’ll finally have the time to…
  • Market to your email list…
  • Re-connect with current clients…
  • Mine opportunities in your database…
  • Arrive home earlier at night…
  • Enjoy “100% work free” weekends and public holidays…
In short, you’ll be able to focus on being a broker and the parts of the job that you love, and leave your specialist team to take care of the rest!

It’s All About Return On Investment

Although the cost is about one third of onshore solutions, the only number that matters is Return On Investment: A team member at BrokerEngine Staffing allows mortgage brokers to drive greater efficiency, quality and profitability by:
Freeing up your calendar to get in front of more clients and close more business.
Giving you back more time and mental bandwidth to do more consistent marketing and networking.
Taking care of important but low-profit activities such as Loan Maintenance and construction progress payments so you don’t have to.
Unearthing profit opportunities through proactive reviews of your loan book.
Providing consistent “5-Star Service” that delights your clients and drives higher retention and referral rates.
Writing just one additional loan per month will more than cover the cost of a dedicated loan processor at BrokerEngine Staffing, and get you back to doing what you really love. At these prices, there’s no good reason not to do this.

But There Are Some Very Important Things You Need To Know Before Applying

  • Unless you’ve already got an established practice, you may find a dedicated staff member more than you need at this stage. We suggest that brokers should be settling a consistent $2M/month or more before considering this service.
  • Although we work with brokers who are aligned with a variety of mortgage aggregators, you will need to submit Deals to your team member via the BrokerEngine software. This is because it massively increases the speed, efficiency and accuracy of delegation. If you’re not already a software user, we can get you set up.
  • Our team members tend to work in “back office” roles and are therefore internal-facing and lender-facing, NOT client-facing. We recommend leaving client-facing roles to you and your onshore team.
  • Although we provide a great deal of structure and support to every team member, keep in mind that you’re still hiring a “full-time employee” (even though they sit in another office). You’re responsible for making them feel like a part of your team, as well as providing constructive feedback to help them succeed, just as you would for any employee.

The next step is to Enquire Now For A Free Exploratory Chat

Enquire Now for a Free Exploratory Chat with one of our team. We’ll spend some time on the phone to understand your current situation, the exact problems you’re looking to solve and the gaps you’re looking to fill. Based on this discussion, we’ll explain what kind of role may suit your needs, as well as how the rest of the recruitment and onboarding process works. There is no cost or obligation to this call. Just a great opportunity to solve your capacity issues with an effective and low-cost solution.

DEMAND Is Sky-High… SUPPLY Is Limited

With thousands of subscribers on our email database, and hundreds of BrokerEngine software users, we’ve had no shortage of enquiry about a full outsourcing solution over the last 3 years. However, hiring, training and scaling an actual team of people doesn’t happen overnight. We only have capacity to add ~5 team members per month and still maintain high standards. So if you’re at all interested, please enquire now and let’s see if this is a fit. As our capacity is exceeded, we’ll maintain a waiting list on a first-come-first-served basis. We look forward to speaking with you soon! Best regards, Craig Vaughan BrokerEngine P.S. If you’re 100% confident with your current work-life balance and your ability to grow your firm as fast as you’d like, then there really is no reason to explore further. But for the rest, this is a great opportunity to explore a sustainable loan processing solution, without cost or obligation. Enquire now.